Michelle Skroce


Co-creator, Lead Teacher

Michelle began practicing yoga at seventeen years old, initially drawn to meditation before reaping the rewards of an asana practice. Following surgery to repair a knee injury, she focused her practice on hot yoga for its therapeutic benefits. Between 2011 and 2013 she completed Barkan Hot Yoga Teacher Training levels I, II, and III earning the RYT-200. Michelle became interested in Baptiste Yoga from its philosophical standpoint and commitment to service. In 2014, she completed Baptiste Level 1 teacher training, Art of Assisting, and Advanced Art of Assisting. In 2015, Michelle will continue working towards completing her 500 hour certification in Barkan Hot Yoga as well as Baptiste Level 2 teacher training. Her belief in the physical and spiritual benefits of a committed yoga practice is something she wishes to share beyond the confines of the studio. Michelle’s vision for the future is to be of service to the community. She hopes to develop programs to provide survivors of domestic violence and at-risk youth the opportunity to practice yoga and receive its benefits. Most importantly, Michelle is determined to utilize yoga as a stepping stone to create awareness and support for local animal rescues and shelters.


For over twenty years Michelle has been an active member of animal rights and rescue. During this time she has worked tirelessly to provide shelter and rehabilitation, as well as unconditional love and respect to the many homeless dogs, cats, and birds that pass through her door each year. Michelle’s focus is on seniors and end-of-lifers with a soft spot for Pit Bulls and Chihuahuas.