300hr. Teacher Training - Coming February 2019

The 300 Hour Teacher Certification Program at Firefly Yoga is a unique opportunity designed to empower teachers to step into a new expression and level of leadership and development. This program is a deeper dive into the content of our 200 Hour Teacher Training Program at Firefly Yoga. We designed this teacher development based certification to be well-rounded and flexible. Participants have the option of entering into either one to two year tracks, allowing each individual to complete the training within their own timeline. Phases and Modules can be done in any order. Each teacher will be provided the opportunity to lead with live coaching, gain a deeper understanding of asana, anatomy, meditation, and engage in their own personal development.

Who is this program for?

This certification is for a yoga teacher who is up to growth and leading in their fullest expression. It can be done in 1 or 2 year completion tracks from the start date of January 2019. This advanced certification track is available for 200 Hour Baptiste Certified Teachers, those who have completed Level 1 and 2, and 200 Hour Firefly Certified Yoga Teachers.

Phase 1: 100 Hour Facilitator Assisting Program

Participants will assist 90-100 hours (3 weekends) of the of the 200 Hour Teacher Training
Cost: $1,200

We will accept no more than 4 apprentices per Teacher Training Cycle.

What you will get out of your apprenticeship:

  • Learn how to coach and train teachers

  • Understand the business of yoga

  • Become mentors, assistants, and leaders of a high-performance team

  • Receive live feedback and leadership skills from educated and experienced senior teachers

  • Create and generate how to build a program or workshop

  • Learn Focus on the area of study you are interested in pursuing within your growth and leadership

  • Discover in a new way the power of the Baptiste Methodology in our leading and in our life.

  • Do the work of inquiry and self-study as an access to new growth and awakening

Phase 2: Advanced Training Modules

Module 1:
Advanced Asana, Alignment & Assisting (25 hours)
When: May 2019
Cost: $385

In this 2.5 day training you will be given tools on how to teach and practice advanced asana poses with variations, transitions and skill work to build a physically advanced asana practice with powerful alignment and integrity. Participants will learn how to assist practitioners and use props to assist and empower poses at all levels.

Module 2: Empowered Teaching Intensive (25 hours)
When: September 2019
Cost: $385

This weekend will consist of Anatomy of Yoga Level 2 Workshop, Facilitator and Teacher Development Training, and diving into Leading within the Classroom or Workshop Setting.

Module 3: Meditation, Mindfulness & Bhakti Training with Kerry
When: March 8-10 2019
Cost: $385

Friday 5:00pm-8:30pm
Saturday and Sunday 8:00am-8:00pm

Sink into soulfulness in this powerful training and yoga immersion! Participants will delve into spirituality within their practice and and discover the power of play, freedom and expression in their asana practice. Kerry will be leading Bhakti yoga & kirtan, chakras studies, daily studies in meditation and mudras, storytelling and the deities, asana practices will include workshops on vinyasa, back-bending and inversions with Kerry and MaryRose!

Phase 3: Leadership and Development

The Mentorship Program: Coaching & Teacher Development: $225 (30 hours)

Enrollment: December 17 - January 3 2019.
Session 2 begins: June 2019 ( limited enrollment per session)

  • 8 hours of observed teaching and coaching from a senior teacher

  • 2 live coaching sessions

  • One-on-one feedback calls- bi-weekly for 3 months ( starting January 1)

  • Alternate Practice teach at Community Class Saturdays 3pm

  • The Mentorship Program is a required training for Certified Yoga Teachers looking to teach at Firefly Yoga or to complete the 300 Hour Firefly Training Track

Required Reading and Essays

The Art Of Possibility by Rosamund Stone Zander

Essays TBA

Certification Requirements: Application Submission

  • Complete Phase 1-3 and submit letters of completion for each phase and module

  • Teach 50 hours of Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga

  • Lead a workshop, intensive or 40 Days Program

  • Complete required reading and essays

  • Must complete within 24 months of January 2019