I am foremost a Mama of two beautiful kids! I took yoga in college just as a needed credit for one semester.  Some poses stayed with me throughout the years.  Never giving it any thought that our paths will cross again.  

In 2010 I believed that the universe brought us together again for a reason.  I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks.  In 2010 dealing with overwhelming family issues my anxiety and panic attacks became severe and paralyzingly.  My life consisted of doctor appointments, medical tests, emergency room and hospital visits and being a full time stay at home mom.  All I heard was "it's all in your head". 

One day while at Target feeling hopeless, helpless, and defeated I turned around and saw this DVD "5 Day Yoga and Stress Management Workouts" dealing with anxiety.  I religiously did that DVD everyday.  I credit that DVD for helping me feel alive again. From that first DVD I started my own yoga DVD library and practiced at home.  

Once I took my first hot yoga class at Firefly I was hooked and deep down inside I knew I wanted to teach yoga one day.  In April 2017 that dream came true.  Those feeling of love, connection, belonging, and community that I feel as a student I want to share with the whole world!!!!!

It was yoga and it's light/energy that brought me out of the darkness.  My purpose for wanting to be a yoga instructor is to understand, guide,  and help all of us who live and suffer in darkness find the light/energy through yoga!

The light in me sees the light in you♥️Namaste🙏