Love Yourself Heal Your Life 6 Week Study Course
Hosted by Elizabeth Cornetta at Firefly

6 Week Study Course
Starts January 10th
Meetings are every Thursday at 6:30pm 
Cost: $175 

If You are open to personal healing this 6 Week Study Group will allow you to will see great changes in your world and the world around you.

The Heal Your Life Study Course was developed as a guide for discovering limiting beliefs preparing you and your group mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to begin the process of healing and change to start loving yourself more fully. The difference between study and workshop is a connection with the group members a deeper closer look at each exercise.

The group assists you in focusing on the  opportunity for to identify their limiting beliefs through the variety of techniques we use to change old belief enjoy marvelous changes in their lives and share the process with others.The group offers wonderful energy to support change.

We only ask for the willingness to learn more about your self and this philosophy and watch in your own life even on a small level shifts occurring. We ask to keep an open heart as the weeks unfold your group cultivating a non judgmental, accepting environment.

Register for this course at the studio, or look out for the event to be open for registration under “Workshops and Events” on our website.