As a wife and mother of three I often find that I am always serving others. Putting myself at the bottom of the totem pole as most mothers do. Getting on my mat allows me to turn the totem pile upside down. It gives me a little 2' x 6' space to call my own. A space that is reserved just for me. To serve myself. A space to grow physically and mentally stronger without judgement from myself or others. Without a fear of failure. In order to create the change I want to see in myself and in others I believe we need to take a leap out of our comfort zone . that all beings are entitled to feel confident and proud of who we are, in our own body, no matter what the rest of the world may think. Yoga and more importantly, my yoga community; teachers & fellow practitioners, have taught me how powerful I can really be. These people have left me with a feeling of invincibility. As though I can take on the world. That I am limitless.