Mary discovered her love for yoga in 2017 after randomly walking into a class at her local gym. She was pointed in the direction of Firefly to dive deeper into the powerful practice of Baptiste yoga. While walking through hardships in her life she decided to go through teaching training at Firefly for a life transformation.

Mary completed her 200 hour training with Mary Rose at Firefly. Yoga transformed her life physically and spiritually. She decided she wanted to share the practice with others. Mary believes the benefits of yoga are endless and transforming in all areas of life. She is committed to growth and to this yoga community. It was this community and studio that brought her out of the darkness. This practice made her see that she wanted to be a stand for others and to show them to continuously be in the experience of learning, growth, and self-discovery. She gained confidence, leadership, and how to be more open to others. She stated “Your vibe will attract your tribe, and this tribe at Firefly is absolutely amazing.”


The Goal of Yoga

“ The yoga pose is not the goal. Becoming more flexible or standing on your hands is not the goal. The goal is to create space where you were once stuck. To unveil layers of protection you’ve built around your heart. To appreciate your body and become more aware of the mind and the noise it creates. To make peace with who you are. The goal is to love,.. well, you. Shift your focus and follow your heart will grow.”

- Rachel Brathen