2019 Firefly 200hr. RYT Training Program 

The Firefly Power vinyasa teacher leader training program  is for anyone who is up to growth, teaching yoga or enhancing their yoga practice on and off the mat. Throughout the 8 weekends of training we will uncover your greatest potential. Through the practices of asana, meditation and inquiry we put into action the Baptiste methodology as an opportunity to create a new way of being in the world. Through discussion, contribution, community building and personalized coaching, assisting and practice teaching we will build on your personal strengths, develop new skills, and inspire your life.

The practice teaching clinics, hands on assisting training and co-teaching classes create an opportunity for you to expand your yoga practice, develop new leadership skills and elevate all areas of your life. 

MaryRose Donaghy and facilitator team Julia Zern & Michael Schweppe are all certified Baptiste yoga teachers who continue to lead and train with the Baptiste Institute. We have implemented an amazing new anatomy program with hands-on anatomy training  like no other 200 RYT training in the area.

We are exciting to bring in new empowering yoga teacher/leader training that is know guarantees results in the participants life everywhere!!!

Program Dates:

Fridays: 5:15pm -8:30pm
Saturday & Sunday 7:30am-7:00pm

August: 23-25
September: 7-8, 20-22
October: 4-6, 18-20
November : 1-3, 15-17
December: 1-3

Program Overview:

  • The Skill of teaching a power vinyasa yoga practice

  • The Baptiste methodology

  • Skillful hands on assisting

  • The Practice of Meditation

  • Self discovery and Inquiry

  • The art of essential language and cues

  • The 8 limb path

  • True North alignment

  • Functional Anatomy for yoga

  • Giving and receiving feedback

  • How to lead a transformational yoga class

Cost: Full Program $3,250

6 month payment plan additional $150

EARLY BIRD PRICING: $3,050 Now thru May 20, 2019


Contact MaryRose if your interested or have any questions:

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Signing up for the 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training was the best decision I ever made and the biggest turning point in my life. Not only did it open my mind and heart to my own yoga practice, it brought me closer to the Firefly Yoga community. Through asana, meditation, and inquiries - the tools provided in this training have given me a deeper understanding of myself on and off the mat as well as connecting with others. It has helped me grow as a person and be a yes to embracing new opportunities and wanting to deepen my practice even more. I’m excited to share with others what I have learned every chance I can get. When others tell you it’s life changing, believe it!
— Marilyn Perez
I set my life on fire and I will never be the same!

I completed the 40 days to personal revolution in the winter of 2018 and it was the first time I became aware of the idea that I could live in the present moment, instead of worrying about the future (constantly). I was introduced to inquiry and loved being “in the work” but 40 days came and went fast. I was quickly back into my old habits of worry, constantly carrying a huge weight of anxiety on my shoulders, and everyday searching for ways to de-stress. That summer a couple of friends at the studio mentioned how great yoga teacher training would be for me. I am a Middle School teacher so I thought they were speaking to the fact that I am already a teacher in some capacity. Although I did not have much desire to become a yoga teacher, without asking much about the program, I signed up.

The term “set your life on fire” could not better describe what the 200 hour commitment is. My whole way of being is different, I look at life through a new lens. The training has transformed my life, for the better. We graduated on December 8th and I am still practicing asana (yoga), journaling, and meditating regularly. It’s not a matter of fitting it in to my schedule, it is my schedule and all of life’s other responsibilities happen after I take care of myself. By “doing the work” for three months with eight other amazing women, we got to support each other, cry with each other, and learn from one another. I am stronger, my clothes fit better, my anxiety is still at an all time low, and I sleep eight hours every night instead of laying awake worrying about the future! Of course, life has its days, but instead of letting those days get to me, I go to yoga and then I begin again!!

In terms of teaching yoga, I am on the Firefly schedule Monday nights at 6:30pm as an assistant to the wonderful Tara. I love assisting because I get to be a stand for others in the yoga community and help them deepen into yoga poses and try new things. See you on the mat, namaste!
— Alandra Price
Nothing has gotten me more committed to my practice than yoga training! It was a unique experience, unlike any learning I had ever done before! It challenged me physically, mentally, and spiritually. I started by taking the course just to improve my own practice. I thought if I ever taught yoga that’d be icing on the cake. Boy was I right! I have grown to love teaching just as much as I love practicing. Everything I learned from yoga teacher training stays with me from overcoming fears, to being in inquiry about the way I live my life, to proper alignment in chatarunga. I am so grateful for MaryRose, Dr. Mike, and Julia for a holding the space for me to transform and providing me with the tools I needed to be where I am today.
— Samantha Rundle
The teacher training program at Firefly Yoga was life changing and transformative. It led to a greater sense of awareness and connection to myself and others. My practice and understanding of yoga deepened significantly. I’m grateful for the opportunity and growth that accompanied it.
— Michelle Tompkins
Community, connection, and transformation; this is what I gained at the end of a 200 hour yoga teacher training. Firefly’s program focuses on Baptiste methodology. I learned Baron Baptiste’s empowering sequence of asana, nurtured a meditation practice, and embarked on a spiritual awakening. The themes of Baptiste yoga have radiated into all areas of my life, allowing me to cultivate meaningful connection with others and bring grace, gratitude, and understanding to my own place of being. Though the 200 hours was an intensive study of anatomy, inquiry, yoga history, and leadership skills, the love and support of MaryRose and the team was encouraging and motivating. I built lasting relationships with my fellow yogis and became part of the warm and welcoming family at Firefly. The yoga teacher training opened me up to the courage to be up to something big!
— Erin Stewart
200 hour yoga teacher training with Mary Rose at Firefly was a transformative experience. This unique experience left me with so much more than the ability to teach a yoga class. This program brought awareness to my mind and body. The themes of Baptiste yoga encourage me to be my fully expressed self in all areas of my life. In addition to this journey of self discovery, I gained a whole family of yogis. We were fortunate enough to have Mary Rose gracefully and powerfully lead us in becoming confident yoga teachers.
— Michelle Furman